The Push of Boredom


I’m bored! Seriously,  I can think of absolutely nothing to do. I was so bored in fact, that I decided to dedicate a post to boredom.
I found the best description for boredom on

Boredom is an emotional oxymoron. Your mind itches for something to do, but your body doesn’t respond.

Being bored is like being trapped in your own mental limits. You could do something, but you just have no clue what to do. It’s extremely frustrating but I’m sure anyone reading this realizes that. So, what’s the point of boredom? Why do we feel this way at all? Well, you can’t stop life from being occasionally boring. That’s life. You can  jump out of a plane but you’d still have to wait behind traffic on the way home.  But what if you’re constantly bored for days or weeks at a time? That boredom is your mind telling you that something needs to change and change fast. You can’t waste your life doing nothing and feeling nothing but bored. Being bored is a signal to yourself that you’re in a situation of no meaning to you. So while being bored for long periods of time is your own mind telling you that your life sucks right now, it’s also giving you that shove to make a change. Don’t let your life be meaningless. You’re bored. Do something about it.