What Music Can Reveal About Yourself


Psychologists have realized that a person’s preference in music can often lead to a fairly accurate prediction of their personality. Often your favorite music style gives away your own style and attitude. This chart compares 13 different types of music and the characteristics their listeners commonly share. The similarities between two music genres mean an increased likelihood of similar enthusiasts as well. For instance, soul and blues listeners produced the same results while rock and classical fans proved to have very opposing characteristics. Of course, music itself isn’t always easy to define and neither is an individual. Obviously the majority of people have multiple genres of music that they listen to, giving everyone their own unique combination of traits. But if you’re ever interested to get a quick scope of a person, just browse through their music choices.


North, A. C. and Hargreaves, D. J. (2008). The social and applied psychology of music. Oxford: Oxford University Press.
North, A. C., Desborough, L., and Skarstein, L. (2005). Musical preference, deviance, and attitudes towards celebrities. Personality and Individual Differences, 38, 1903-1914.


2 thoughts on “What Music Can Reveal About Yourself

  1. I have to say I agree that music, to me, does reveal something about yourself. However, I completely disagree with the chart, simply because what it says about my personality and the music I listen to is completely wrong. I listen to alternative rock, or “indie” music. But I am the opposite of what it says; I do not have low self-esteem, and I am incredibly hard working. Thus, I think that chart is pretty crappy, and there are far better ways to interpret or analyze what one’s music says about him or herself.


    • Good point, I felt the same way actually. The chart is just the data I collected from the article I cited. The article is older though so Indie music then,and now, has changed considerably. I’m thinking of running my own survey to see how much the results change since music has evolved in many different ways.


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