How To Overcome Any Fear


Fear is just another emotion that is a part of life. If we did not have fear we would either die doing something stupid, or never really live to begin with. After all, what is living without the knowledge of risk? However, when that fear is crippling and all consuming or even when that fear just interrupts your daily life, it is a problem. Here’s how to overcome fear in 4 steps:
1. Acknowledge It
This is the first step in many emotional processes but it does not make it any less important. How can you fix a problem you won’t admit you have? Everyone has their own burden to bear. Admitting that there is something wrong only tells yourself and the world that you are in fact…human. No one is perfect.
2. Reach Out
This can be very different for everyone. For more extroverted individuals, reaching out can be actually walking up to someone and asking for their help to support them on their journey. For others who are shy or just have an issue with asking for help, talking about it works just as well for them. No matter what you are going through, you’re not making it any easier by trying to attempt it alone.
3. Analyze Yourself
(Now, this may be a little different depending on the fear since not everyone’s fear will necessarily present themselves to directly to them. However, this works with the next thought of the fear as well.) The next time you encounter this fear, try to focus on the way you feel before, during, and after. Note your emotional and your physical reaction. (Physical and emotional reactions are often linked closely together in many scenarios. EX. Smiling actually sends endorphins to your brain that tell you that you’re happy and vice versa.) If you know exactly what your mind and body will do during your personal turmoil then it is possible to learn to control at least one part, if not all, of yourself during the situation. Learning to take control is key to fighting any fear.
4. Never Give Up
You cannot let any fear take over your life. Fear after all is really just a concoction of our own negative thoughts. While you can rely on support, giving up on yourself means that you have let those negative thoughts win. The moment you do that is the moment you lose your happier self. For some, fear never goes away. For these people with phobias or panic disorders, they must live with their irrational thoughts for years or even the rest of their lives. This does not mean that they don’t live perfectly normal and happy lives. But the ones that do live happily are the ones that never let their anxiety control them. They face their fears head on, as everyone should. 



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